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For the Telford Mirage SIG this year I will build an Israeli Mirage IIIC with Atar9C engine.
It will wear the colorful yellow triangles 
and 12 killmarks.

There are several goodies I have bought for the build:

Isracast/ Isradecals:
- Shahak-Book
- Shahak-Decals
- Atar9C-Conversion
- MB Mk4-Bangseat
- Shafrir2-Missles

- Wheels
- Interior Set
- Exterior Set
- Seatbelts
- Masks

- Pitot

Matterhorn Circle:
- Atar9C-Exhaust

- Colors






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Just started yesterday with the build.

Prepared the cockpit-tub and the IP for Eduard-Brass application.

Also finished the IP. Eduard really offers so tiny parts which couldn’t even be held with tweezers. Wonder if they ever testbuild every part of every set they make...

Next step will be the detailing of the tub.






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4 hours ago, Kaireckstadt said:

Also finished the IP. Eduard really offers so tiny parts which couldn’t even be held with tweezers. Wonder if they ever testbuild every part of every set they make...


Often wondered that myself Kai. If they do, they employ someone with far smaller hands than my sausage fingers!

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55 minutes ago, Peterpools said:


Awesome start on your Mirage and looking mighty good. l'll be following very intently and taking notes, as I've been planning a Mirage build later this year - all my resin has been purchased from Isradecal and just need the Big Eduard set. 

Keep 'em comin


Thanks for your feedback, Peter!

Are you going to build an Israeli too ?

If you have the bangseat from Isracast you don’t need the straps and buckles set. I‘ve bought mine in vain (because I purchased IsraDecal and -Cast later...).

Also much of the exterior set not needed because detail (e.g. wheel-wells) of the kit is very nice. Will come back to this in the progress of the build. 

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7 hours ago, Peterpools said:


Planing on doing an Israeli Mirage as well. I bought the ejection seat, Atar engine set plus the Mirage IIIC  1962-1976. My build will be much later this year and color scheme will be chosen from the book.



That sounds nice. We have exactly the same stuff! The book is also a very good source.

I also bought the decal-set from Raanan which includes a lot of options. I was also thinking about a colorful bare metal one but I love the 3-tone Israeli camouflage schemes (as well as the SEA-schemes of the US Air Force).


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Cockpit painted black and weathering started with oil-colors on future base to pick out the details of the black parts. 
Fotos were taken with flashlight so that picking out of the details is better visible. Is much more subtle under normal light.

Next step will be detail painting of the bangseat and smaller cockpit parts.






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Short update on the progress:

Finished the detail-painting of the cockpit-parts. Since everything except the plugs was black I tried to pick the details out with a grey oil-wash and repainting of the details afterwards.

Now I move over to the MK4-Seat and the small cockpit-parts (stick, throttle, etc.)








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