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That’s what it’s all about Kev. I love this site because of all the first class modelers sharing their techniques and tricks. 
Thanks for your feedback! We will see…

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On 5/30/2021 at 4:55 PM, Kaireckstadt said:

I will try Mr. Masking fluid. Water based is always a good option! 

BTW, I had no fogging issues with the water based Mr. Masking fluid (not Neo) on my futurized Hellcat canopy. I just wanted to add the impression, because it was my first use of the stuff and it works safely.

Cheers Rob

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Had to do another rework after the second priming which I did for checking if the reworks after first priming were ok. The tail cone needed some additional surgery. 
So I will prime it again tomorrow to see if it’s ok now and then I start with the painting process on the underside. 

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Yes, fixing all of those booboo' s is a PITA ...  Is there a German phrase or colloquialism for that?  Anyway...  still hanging for that first splash of color.

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Priming finished now. Everything ok for further painting:




The rudder is already painted white. Will get a decal on with red diagonal stripes.




Next step is to polish the primer for the preshading. But this will be done tomorrow. Should dry overnight. 

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Finished the preshading last night.

Didn‘t use black but RAF Night from AK Real Color for it. Is more a dark grey with a tendency to blue and not so intense:


Hope the black spots will lead to a more worn look of the tanks which are bare aluminum. 


This is how the gear doors came out:


And finally the jet itself:





Next step is to sand this also very carefully with 12000 Grid sanding cloth and then I will start with the lower side.


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19 hours ago, Peterpools said:


Aces on the preshading - looking real good. Like your selection of dark gray with a hint of blue.

Keep ‘em comin


Thank you Peter. When I look at the pictures there’s no big difference between black and RAF Night regarding intensity ^_^. Nice try with no effect at all…

9 hours ago, GazzaS said:

Nice work on the pre-shading, Kai!

Thanks Gary. If it wouldn’t be so time-consuming…

8 hours ago, Trigger said:

Hi Kai,

At last The rewarding things are coming now, i am very curious how the colors will Turnhout, great job so far,


Thanks Frank! I hope that I can start with the real colors soon (latest at the weekend)

53 minutes ago, HubertB said:

Is it done yet :popcorn: ?
;) Hubert

Tomorrow I will apply the Decals, Hubert!;):D

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I also received my replacement windshield from Italeri today. Was very well packed:


I had to pay 10€ for that single part !!!

I also ordered the complete replacement glas sprue from Revell for which I payed 7,45 €.

I told Italeri that they are usurers and shall refund me the money. Will never order parts again there…


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Wow!  That is crazy pricing!  I had to get an entire sprue from Airfix once.   It was loose in a box with a little piece of bubblewrap.   Fine broken parts that I had to replace with brass pins.  But  at least they didn't charge me since the sprue wasn't in the kit when I received it.

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