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ZM has released the C, D, J and S short nosed Phantoms so far. The B that Tamiya is coming out with has a thinner wing without the bugles over the gear bays. The MLG tires are narrower as well. 

I see it as a complement to the ZM kits rather than direct competition. 

Academy do a 1/48 B and Hasegawa has their old B show up in their catalogue from time to time. 



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I miss this post nad share the same news on other post.


Anyway, I´m not very excited with F4-b... I would prefer a... 109!?? Kidding!!! :D

The B is already made by Academy... This Tamiya f-4 will hit 70 to 100 € price tag and probably ZM woudl have plan to launch a B soon... 


I would prefer to see Tamiya making their magic in other thing... for instance F-15...A-10...




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Fran, I should've posted this in the 2021 thread. Forgot about it in my excitement that the Egress is being reissued. :lol:

An A-10 would've been nice where's my CF-100???!!! 

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I love Phantoms and number one is the F-4B. Tamiya's is going to be a gem for sure and I'm willing to bet there won't be any fit issues as well.

Just amazes me that with all the research and new kits Tamiya has brought out, none have been released in 32nd scale



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