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“LET’S GET WET!” GROUP BUILD IS NOW ON. JAN 1, 2023 - July 1, 2023 ×

New Arrivals - Wingnut Wings Kits and Decal Sets !!


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What-ho Chaps!


Just to let you know that I have spent some considerable time getting together various bits and bobs in time for the forthcoming Great War Group Build;


I have recently added a number of Wingnut Wings kits to the inventory along with Wingnut Wings Decal Sets (with more to be uploaded), HGW Belts and PE AccessoriesGasPatch BucklesMisterKit Acrylic PaintsRoden KitsJH Model Stands / Jigs (which are selling out fast), Master and Aber Gun Barrels and not forgetting Taurus Resin Accessories.


Add to that all the other brands and items we have (Sanding Sticks, Glues, Thinners etc, etc) it seems we're a place to drop by and have a look at so, why don't you come along.


As always, if there's something you want or need but don't see it then let me know by PM, email or 'phone .. I'll always try to give my upmost to help out.



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