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Trumpeter F6F-5 Hellcat - Death n' Destruction

Dave J

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Are you planning to have the wings stowed or out? One of the things I found on my F-6 was the supports for the extended choice left the wings kind of droopy and it didnt line up well. Now thats mor than likely me and not the kit but I still would like to see how you tackled it.

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Loooooooooking Good dav,



The F6F shot down more Japanese aircraft than any other allied a/c during

the Second World War.


It appears that you have picked a nice example of the Hell Cat to use for your

reference source............. :) :) :)



...... :popcorn: .......






PS: if you would like to get a PDF of the different R-2800 engine manuals

..... go to this url. I uploaded them a while back. There are many good a/c

manuals here. http://www.ww2aircraft.net/forum/engines/



Enjoy the manuals........ some of them are defiantly keepers.

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