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Fw190A-8 3/JG1 crash Vreeland

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Woke up thinking: i’m going about this in the wrong way, so i removed the PE panel frame. I think I need to glue this part to the interior resin. But to do so, i need to paint the resin first. That’s why i’m scanning my reference books for detail and colours. 








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Cees... has done it again. Screw up all my plans and distract me with a new months long project.    Operation Bodenplatte. January 1, 1945. Hans-Jürgen Kilian of 3/JG1 crashed near the small vi

First parts of the Brassin ammo and gunbay. Lovely stuff!

Did a click & collect today at the aviation megastore i live 20min away from. Went perfect! Now have all the HGW sets as well. First parts on the Brassin pit. Excellent detail. I might add a

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First paint on. These are the places i need to paint first, before closing the hull and wings. I love the detail on the Aires tail inspection set. Look at the rivets in every dimple as they are supposed to be.


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While my iwata is in the repair shop, i went back to my Tamiya trigger airbrush. Not as fine as the Iwata tr1, but it will do.



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Thnx guy. A bit more paint in the pit. I removed a lot of resin from the seat cushion on advise from Tony Argudo. The cushion is otherwise oversized. 
The Eduard instrument decals were a bit off register, but they’ll do...




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