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NEW: 1/32 Canopy mask for the Tamiya F4U-1 Birdcage Corsair


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Three quick questions...


1 - Have they been tested for fit? I know Eduard's masks can sometimes be disconcertingly off.


2 - Can't tell from the image, but I'm assuming this is just for the outside?


3 - Durability/longevity? 

1 - They were tested for fit and they conform well. I do not know anything about what Eduard does. ;)

2 - Yes, this is just for the outside. There is no frame detail inside the Tamiya kit clear parts, they only provide the outside frames.

3 - The material used is self-adhesive vinyl designed specially for airbrushing, it is the kind of material used by professional airbrush artists. This is made by the same company that makes the Medea/Iwata airbrushes - this is not just any self-adhesive vinyl (others use sign-making material that is impossible to remove). I have been using it for the last 6 years for my own models and I can say without any exageration that it is the best I have ever used. There is never any residue left behind, the glue is strong but still allows for easy removal. The vinyl is flexible yet strong. With care, the masks can be used a few times. This material beats the yellow Japanese paper by the sheer fact that even though it is grey it is clear so you can see if there are any air bubbles along the edges (air bubbles means paint seepage). To me, paper masks are as useless as paper window panes.



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Damn I'm slow these days!


Just ordered...


I am also looking forward to the Spitfire seatbelts - I was slightly underwhelmed with the HGW set I got the other day


Can you hint at what other bits are coming for this kit??


Pretty please??



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