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Very Large Type VII C/41 U-boat by Revell in 1/72nd scale

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4 hours ago, Folkwulfe said:

Looks like very close to final assembly and detailing. This is the stuff made from a WW2 Merchant Seaman's nightmares...


Without the background I would say this is a real Boat. Fantastic! 

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First of all, thanks to the admins who graciously allowed me to post this build here even though it does not meet the 1/35th 1/32nd or larger rule. Regardless, it is a LARGE SCALE MODEL measuring near

As you can see, the main deck is now one piece. Still not glued to the hull itself, but I will be getting there soon. I also need to finish sanding around the brass cable guard around the rudders that

This is the repaired cable guard I spoke about earlier still in its ugly form. A little more work and it will be good to go. 

6 hours ago, Folkwulfe said:


Finally all one piece now. Some small details left to be done and I can stick a fork in it...

Please don‘t do it. A fork will not make it looking more awesome!:D

Great build! I love it! 

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15 hours ago, Folkwulfe said:

Yes sir I will....

May I introduce you all to the completed U-995, circa 1944, a Type VII C/41 u-boat on her way home in the fall of 1944 after a very long patrol...20210409-235159.jpg




Beautiful build with an awesome result!

Looks perfect! 

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That's a great result and what a difference to the state the boat was in at the beginning. You build and painted an eyecatcher, hard to photograph though, given the dimensions long and sleek.

Cheers Rob

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26 minutes ago, Folkwulfe said:

Been working here and there on the crew for the deck...20210417-102446.jpg

Not my best work,  but it will do...


The deck party should be better..


The Kaleu is really nice! How will your best work look like then?  
It‘s no 90mm or 120mm figure! It’s 1/72 scale and appr. 20-25 mm! 

Can‘t wait to see the rest of the crew and accessories finished. This will add much realism and bring life to your model! 

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14 minutes ago, Folkwulfe said:

Trying to get the arrangement of the crew and stores to look right. They are not glued down yet,  so tell me what you think...




These figures bring so much life to your boat!

The 2 on the bridge and the ones on the deck are placed really nice. I would leave them and the accessories as posted now.

Regarding the pose of the crew-member at the Flak I ask myself what he is working at? Maybe you could post a photo of him from the other side. Then it would be easier to see if the pose is ok.


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