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Up next is a German panzer 4 ausf H.

I'm pretty sure this is the H variant although it's labeled as G on the box

This model is from the maker ZVEZDA I haven't made any models from this company before but they looked pretty good and had decent reviews so I thought I'd give one a go.

Pictures of the box. Whitch is more of a cover as all the model is in a plain cardboard box inside thisIMG_20210403_192613584.thumb.jpg.e498067121bf8cbd50745fcbb22611c1.jpgIMG_20210403_192606138.thumb.jpg.3a0141b87aab707bb1e1114fa298995c.jpgIMG_20210403_192623125.thumb.jpg.f193bad289c6c76770d916e120c07086.jpgIMG_20210403_192602637.thumb.jpg.3f4bfee84c23baa3a0c5f3807faf1561.jpgIMG_20210403_192558244.thumb.jpg.eae769ee2b365f21dae5399670af42ff.jpg

Pictures of the parts and frames.


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2 minutes ago, Bomber_County said:

Nice to see a turret basket, nice touch. I doubt if I’ll ever do a full interior on a tank.......never say never.....

Yeah I was quite surprised as I didn't see any mention of any interior ether but more than happy to give it a try. Also you can see small details like weld marks as well on the casting

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1 minute ago, Gaming Dragon32 said:

Yeah I was quite surprised as I didn't see any mention of any interior ether but more than happy to give it a try. Also you can see small details like weld marks as well on the casting

Hopefully these videos will help with colours for the interior and exterior as well. Always liked these detailed looks and great to be able to use one for a model https://youtu.be/94yvc_BB-2M


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Little bit of progress. 

Was trying to paint some of the bigger parts with my paint gun but it didn't want to work so gave up. Planning on buying a more expensive paint gun as the one I currently have was only cheap and we believe it's blocked somewhere that it can't be cleaned iris stopping it working properly.


But here are a few little details iv done


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Some more details on the back also mixed a paint for the exhaust and little thing on the back. Mixed a water based rust and oil based black. Didn't think they would mix but I managed to get them to mix and it looks great.

The back.IMG_20210417_233857811.thumb.jpg.9bb686fa8974c881b5884254995f2917.jpgIMG_20210417_234847671.thumb.jpg.71b84ed16b1cc96044187170a2306687.jpgIMG_20210418_000402986.thumb.jpg.1ab29ffd2451d40cbe8a0c8fc91db3f0.jpg

the front.


figured out that they are sloping toward eachother slightly. Almost didn't see it but I had seen on the tank in WarThunder. So was actually looking to see if it was sloped on the model.


and last but not least the exhaust box. Before. A mix of Rust and Gunmetal.looked a bit too shiny for my liking


After. Also tryed to keep the mounting bands clean of this rusty looking color.


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So a little late as I thought I had posted about this already.

But did some more on the first steps. Including cutting part of the casting out of the hull and then cleaning the sides of the plate that goes in the hole. Looks quite neat and not very noticeable that it was a separate part.


I have noticed with this model that the parts seam very well made so fit very well.

Also put the track tensioners on the back with the rest. I did find I had to clean the paint off some parts as they fitted so tightly it was causing issues.


And lastly I just test fitted the back plate to the hull. Again it fits perfectly into place. IMG_20210418_224228381.thumb.jpg.8fb05f3cf4bb2823005c58969257eb44.jpgIMG_20210418_224232317.thumb.jpg.f6b7f2084dab00f4b7feeff9bb022bd5.jpg

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