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I know where you can get one by trading a Hasegawa Ki-44 1/32 scale.  The catch is that you'd be minus kit decals, but plus Aviatik Cookie cutter lozenge decals.  It's from a Trilogy kit.  Each paying own postage, of course.  Postage to and from Oz is painful.

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As I said mine are builders kits.

They were in the hands of a semi-retarded individual.

I bought them as a lot. There were 8 kits.

He had ;

-taped decal sets to the face of the box , ruining the artwork.

-cut up the decals and dispersed a lot of them , robbing the lozenge decals from many of the kits.

-'X'ed out , in sharpie , the subject artwork in the instructions!

The damage was undisclosed and he wouldnt go good for it , PayPal dropped the ball fully , completly and I had to drop them as well.

I have 4years later , restarted PPal business and still have 2 of the kits.

I will want between $175 - $200 each for these , as an example

One of the kits is complete but marked up in the fashion described. The other has some decals removed , and Pheon decals substituted.

If yours is the DV I'm thinking of i would start at $250 AT LEAST. But it would have to be complete and in good shape.

Its one of the more popular of the series , so you should have n trouble selling it.

Xed out subjects:



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Sorry, not a useful post I know, but this reminds me of a Monty Python sketch wherein Cleese  is selling an Albatross (dressed as a woman) during intermission in a movie 

Theater. He shouts;  " Albatross"!

" Of course you don't get wafers with it ! Its a bloody seabird "!

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Was in the hospital the other day sitting with my wife as she recovered from day surgery.

I was sitting there listening to the noises of the recovery room, and, right next to her bed was this machine connected to absolutely nothing at all, giving off a loud, clear as a bell, “ping”.   No rhyme or reason, it just went “ping”, again and again, and again, every 30 seconds or so.
I lost my freaking mind. IT’S THE MACHINE THAT GOES PING!
I told the Nurse I appreciated her bringing in the “machine that goes ping”.  I then asked her if she could do me a favor and bring in the most expensive machine in the entire hospital.  Of course she thought I was quite daft and sort of inched away from me. When the Doc came in, however, I said the same thing and he immediately fell into character, telling me that machine tells us the patient is STILL alive. 
My lovely wife, laying in the bed, thought we were both clinically insane nutters, 

ps: it turns out it was some kind of heartbeat monitor that had been not properly shut dow .

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