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Crikey! Special Hobby Westland Whirlwind Fighter

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Yes you are right.. It's an oddity that was probably never going to find a role other than high altitude research. 

Saw this pic on a Facebook blog, of the Westland factory at Yeovil in Somerset.

..the Luftwaffe stopped high-altutude Ju86 flights over the UK in 194r2 or 1943 following a couple of interceptions, so the operational need for the Welkin vanished. Add to that some hairy flying characteristics at high altitude, and you're running out of reasons to use it very fast.

Westland factory.jpg

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The pile of items soon to be airbrushed interior green keeps growing. The seat is nicely detailed and in the nacelles even some of the Peregrine engines can be seen. The spent cartridge container and guncamera housing are testfitted. The tailwheel mounting fits nicely too.






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Looking good ! Just received an update from Kitlinks. They over charged me $18.85, so I have a store credit . I believe it has shipped....harv

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A bit later than planned but the basic interior green and black coats have been sprayed. The scene being looked on by a piece of self canvas torture.










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Looks good there. 

Mine arrived today from Hannant's. I haven't had a chance to peek in the box but just as well since I don't have a bench to do anything on at the moment. 


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Cees, I’m late to the party, but so far this seems to be looking mighty promising.  The Whirlwind has always been one of those models that seem to gets thrown out there on various sits during the inevitable “What do you want to see in 1/32…” threads. 
I wasn’t one of the guys to drop everything and run out waving a fist load of £££ in the air when Hannants got some, but the Helldiver was that kit, and ordering it gave me incentive to piggy back a fixed gear Hawk, some FAA rockets, and the Whirlwind on my order.

So, I’ll be watching closely. Like you said, it looks like typical Special Hobby, which has come so, so far from those early days of CMK.  The detail looks, for the most part, true to scale, if a touch heavy, and what you’ve shown us so far looks super promising. 

I’m wrapping up a SH Brewster F2A-2 now, and three concurrent P-51s, Nd next for me will be the big Helldiver. So we all get to play short fun magician and wizard for awhile.  I really do usually enjoy SH kits, they’re enough of a challenge to make you think, but not so bad as to nail you go the wall as a few resin kits will if you get a bit sideways. 

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