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Hi all,

Just making a start on the Roller. Spent time filling the dips in the plastic.

I removed the guide pins from the top of the engine block as they were a hindrance rather than a help?? Ive removed the moulded oil pipe from the block and will make another from copper wire.Lots of saning to get things to fit but its getting there. I have to say,Im glad I bought Pau Koo's dvd on building this kit. Many pitfalls without it? Painting has come to a halt as my airbrush packed up!!



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28 minutes ago, Bomber_County said:

First off, :1051927712:, great to see a new face, even better with a WIP and a kit probably few people have seen built………looking forward to the build…:popcorn:

Many thanks bud. I keep it posted.

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Welcome and I will follow your build too!

Pocher was always the Rolls Royce of modeling-companies for me since it was impossible for me to buy one when I was young. Awesome models with real leather seats and metal parts...

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IMG_0923.thumb.JPG.ddcf091f94a210b31af16069511edd7e.JPGThe front timing cover should look like this but picture two is how I got it. Centre section missing. I used a bit of sprue to make another,not exact but better than nothing? Crank and pistons fitted.The cylinder bores had lots of depressions that needed filling,rather fiddly? Im glad that I bought the DVD as there are a lot of pictures warning of potential downfalls. IE to get the flywheel retaining screw down,the crank etc would have to be removed. Koo shows how to fit it first!IMG_0936.thumb.JPG.f120e25c8c15124e4ba2da1a04f92083.JPGIMG_0939.thumb.JPG.c73b90de4b3ec1030796317e3bd3af59.JPG


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Gears fitted,the mounting post were way out so a bit of fiddling with a round file soon sorted that!!

Cylinders went on just fine butI decided to glue rather than screw? Gearbox is ready to be mated to the engine but before I do that Im making a stand so I can work on the engine and gearbox without handling it.IMG_0941.thumb.JPG.1a4970eb8ef1e0c11a1feef80301496e.JPGIMG_0942.thumb.JPG.ff2a7a83d737e529d0d588dd3f96e6dd.JPGIMG_0940.thumb.JPG.6e536f36e5758aa24953a599d3a65930.JPG

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A bit more done. Lots of filling,filing and sanding to get parts right. I was thing of putting the valves in the correct positions as per firing order but thought better of it!!

I finished the oil filler in Allclad chrome,I like using this stuff and always looks 'right' not to 'wet'?





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