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1:32nd scale Ponnier M.1

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Hi all,
Just a few updates.
I've applied and sealed the weathering ('Flory Models' Dark Dirt clay wash).
Also added the pilot's foot plate, made from spare photo-etch) to the lower port wing, which is not in the kit.
The replacement 'GasPatch' Lewis Mk.1 machine gun has been fitted.

Now onto the pre-rigging,








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Hi all,
All of the necessary pre-rigging has been done, using 0.12 and 0.08 mm diameter mono-filament with blackened 0.5 mm diameter Brass tube.
The wings were then fitted.
The ailerons win the upper wing were controlled from the cockpit by external rods and levers, similar to the French Nieuports.
The kit parts had rods that were way too short and would not reach the fuselage openings.
I cut the rods away from the levers and fitted 0.6 mm diameter Nickel-Silver tubes with 0.4 mm tube inside.
The protruding 0.4 tube fitted into holes drilled through the front end of the levers.

Now it's onto final rigging,





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Hi all,
The rigging has now been finished, apart from painting the turnbuckles.
Still to do are the wheels, tail skid, windscreen, ailerons, engine assembly and the figure,






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Hi all,
The model is now finished.
I'm just waiting for the display case to arrive.
The last shot for posting is the pilot figure.
The next shots will be the completed model, which hopefully will maybe at the weekend.

As usual, thanks to everyone for their encouragement and comments throughout this build,



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