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SH 1/32 YAK 3 "Here to Berlin"

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I have been wanting to build this crate for some time now not much of the Russkie stuff in the cabinet.I will be making some minor enhancements to the pit and maybe the wheel wells I have for the pit the Quinta Studios slides look nice and cool will be a first.I managed  to get the grey laid down the instruction call for a Light Gull Grey I opted for Neutral which is in between the Light/Dark gull grey.I also sanded all the pieces that were required for the slides to hit that had raised detail.

Yak3 002.JPG

Yak3 001.JPG

Yak3 003.JPG

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Looking forward to following your progress. :popcorn: I’m becoming addicted to Quinta Studio Cockpit sets and other 3D cockpit detail sets as well - they are amazing.
Keep ‘em comin


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you can also reserve a place for me in the first row:popcorn:

I have exactly the same model in my stash and I‘m looking forward to seeing your postings here. This will make my build much easier.

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I am liking the Quinta stuff thus far for the most part the T-handles for the dash are a PIA and Break so I made some out of PE left over trees with a little white glue to fluff them up.The handles for the consoles are good when you place the other half of the ball they line up almost like magic I paint some to fill the seam.I will try to finish the pit tomorrow if Momma will let me been  building a carport ATTM just need to tie the rafters to the outer wall not a big fan of macro work I like furniture.;)

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