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SH 1/32 YAK 3 "Here to Berlin"

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It's update time still got to gloss the legs and wheel doors along with some weathering.Now guys I normally do not weather much at all but being a Russkie crate figured it needed some it's all done with MIG powders which Do Not dilute with a clear on top!!!So I had to pull out the turpentine and wipe her down some lesson learned what you apply is what you see when finished really a good thing.I am thinking Tuesday will be the finish date that's the day I go in for those eight needles in the back been a couple of tough days of late :huh:

Yak3 001.JPG

Yak3 002.JPG

Yak3 003.JPG

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Weathering looks light and so well done.

Good luck with the needle procedure on Tuesday and hoping the few rough days goes as quickly as possible with the least amount of pain and discomfort.

Keep 'em comin


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On 7/18/2021 at 8:12 AM, KevinM said:

I appreciate all the Nice comments like I said the crate kind of cried for some grime not great but acceptable ATTM. ;)

I'm in agreement.  Planes just don;t get too grimy. 

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I got some leg work done not much more guys the jabs to the spine went well today already feeling better will improve more in time.I had a chance this evening to plane some really really old wood and it was still rough cut at over a 100 years old.I have a buddy who has been commissioned to build the "Trojan" a three mast ship that visited Gulfport Harbor in 1902.The wood was for the base a no.1 grade Pine what is called pecky and some Cedar from a Catholic School in  New Orleans that was built in 1890 just Beautiful such a tight tight grain and I may be able get some!?


The ship just thought it might be of interest to some?







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