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Bronco 1/35 Type XXIII U-boot


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Well, some good news. My Post-It notes masking worked. I did a section at a time and got the upper hull painted. 



There's a couple small touch ups to do but that's it. No more major paint lifts. 

While that dried, I started adding the detail bits to the conning tower. That's almost done and ready for a coat of paint. I'm going to prime it with some Tamiya first before I do the colour coat.


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Wow, what a cool build Carl,

Your paint work looks perfect and way to go on the paint repairs. I find the easiest way to de-tac my masking tape (Tamiya’s stuff) is to apply it to the top of my hand first before applying it to the model. Nonetheless you got ‘er done and it looks great.


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Thanks everyone for the encouragement. I've been working away on other projects (brakes on our car, fixing the hitch, a couple car models) but finally had some time to get back to this. I painted the white stripes that go on the conning tower. These were used to identify boats that were in training. I used Tamiya white as a primer so I hopefully don't get any more paint lifting and then used AK white grey for the stripes. I figured this way they won't be so stark. 


Once that's dry, I'll mask them off and start on the main colour. 

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Thanks Peter! The white stripe I think helps to break up the monotone nature of the paint job. 

I masked off the stripes and did a pre-shading of the conning tower. I used the same vertical pattern as I did on the hull. 


I had to be careful masking around the railing that's near the base of the conning tower. I then painted everything. 


And with the masking tape removed. 



The primer coat definitely worked along with do the stripes first. 

A quick dry fit on the hull to get an over idea of how it looks. 


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15 minutes ago, Martinnfb said:

Also I would avoid of pure white at all cost.

Thanks for the great pics Martin. I used a white grey so definitely not pure white. I'll be giving it a light Wash that should tone it down further. 

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Time for a very belated update. The build is almost done. The conning tower work is completed. 

There are several antennae around the conning tower. I decided to use wire to replace the kit plastic. 


Before I installed them, I painted the lower section of the periscope in silver, followed by the upper part in black. 


There's a railing along the deck and that's the last bit to add.  


I need to run the rope through the railing posts once they're attached and the build is done. So it's the homestretch now.


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