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Die Sieben Schwaben: A Fokker Story in Plastic


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I've never built a WWI kit before, so I'm going wade in from the shallow side of WWI kit building and avoid the rigging for now. The build will be mostly OOB, but this is a WNW kit and a WNW kit isn't exactly gimped.  :)


In addition to the Fokker D.VII (OAW) kit, I am including the HGW textile & PE seat belts (laser cut), as well as Master's Spandau LMG 08/15 barrels. I also picked up Kagero's Legends in Aviation in 3D book: "Fokker D.VII: The Lethal Weapon," which should really cut down my time spent Googling. 


I have always loved this scheme (from WNW's Fighting Fokkers, part 4):






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Appreciate the comments, guys! It's been a while since the initial post, but here is a minor update - I should have another one soon...


First is my initiation into wood grain painting with oils over acrylics. I relied heavily on Dave's outstanding walk-through in the Tips forum (Thanks, Dave!). One very minor adaptation to the tip: instead of a round brush I used a fan brush. The wood grain, unfortunately, does not show well in the photo but it's there!




I've also been keeping close watch on Jeroen's Fokker, which has not only been inspiring but also educational. I am totally taking advantage that he has a nice head start on me.  :)  I also used the decals for the linen fabric on the back wall, except mine are in lozenge ... I originally painted the fabric a doped linen color (XF-57 Buff?) then masked off the panels and painted the support bars, which was tedious to say the least and had some flaws due to paint seepage. Hours later, I am re-reading the instructions and realize there are kit supplied decals, and I totally went with those. They fit like a glove:




The next update should include the seat with cushion & belts, combined with the rest of the cockpit in Step 1. Thanks for following.

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