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HB B-26B Package $200 - SOLD


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Hobby Boss B-26B Package Complete - $200 Sold

HB B-26B

Eduard Big Ed Set 33119

Eduard Big Ed Set 33120

Asking $200 plus shipping - USA Only

I've reduced the price for absolutely as low as I can by removing a few items that I can use on other projects. The package is still an excellent value and US or maybe Canada only, as shipping is a killer

Thank You


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I looked into shipping for another member on a different kit and  the USPS was the most cost effective compared to UPS and FedEx. If you are interested, I could do some checking and see but for an individual sending a single parcel, the cost is going to be around $65. What I need to do is actually box up everything then weigh and measure the package and take it to the post office for a quote. It's a lot of work, so I just want to let you know what the costs might be.

Much appreciated



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