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Trumpeter F4F-3 Observations

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It's a good kit from Trumpeter, maybe not in the absolute best league, but definitely from the "A" team.

It's much better than the -4, because at least you do not have to cope with the foldable wings (the -3 had straight, non-foldable wings), which are poor in detail if folded, and have an awful joint to fill and sand if showing the wings unfolded.

One often-overlooked issue of the kit (all versions) is the wrong position of the wheel-well opening (which should be moved forward). This creates a fit issue with the rear bulkhead of the wheel well, which is straight when it should be angled, fits poorly, and has a poor-looking recess / wheel-fairing at the rear, which does not match the well-opening. The modus-operandi for correcting this is:

1) set the bulkhead at the right angle (tilted forward). It will fit much better

2) adjust the wheel-well opening to match the bulkhead and wheel-recess, by adding card at the rear and reshaping the front.

Alain Gadbois on LSP has shown how to correct this :


All in all a great kit in spite of this boo-boo. Much better than the old Revell offering on the detail department. Plus, with the -3, you can get a yellow-wing deco :wub:



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Corrected a typo which implied the contrary of what I meant.
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Thanks Hubert, I bought a load of Eduard AM on evil bay for the -3, amazing cheaply.  I asked the question first about the kit hoping a praying I hadn’t made a mistake.  Now looking for for a deal on the kit and I’m away. It looks as it this could be a relatively inexpensive 32nd project, thanks again Hubert……

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Years ago, I reckon early 90’s when I was dabbling again at modelling I bought at a show, this……….8714CD3C-F770-4400-BAE5-202776C25B26.jpeg.56d9d37b51d59baeb4f1c9fd51ba0e1c.jpegtogether with this book. If I remember the guy wanted some ridiculous low money for both bits……..


somewhere I still have this as I remember trying to use it on a Monogram Wildcat………the book will be useful in the coming build…..

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32 minutes ago, Bomber_County said:

Does anyone know if there exists early US insignia masks, just the star, no bar….. the F4F-3 comes with yellow wings scheme and the later version is another £15 more 😬…….so if I could find masks it would be good, spent nearly all day on this :wallbash:

Maketar makes them.


I believe Hannant's carried them. 

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1 hour ago, k5ikl said:

Here is my version of the Trumpeter kit.  Went together very well with very l

Very nice Jerry, really clean build. I wanted to do the late -3 with the more traditional intermediate blue and plain stars…….but aggrieved at paying a third again for less decals and exactly the same kit…..


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