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Eduard 1/32 decals

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Hi recon, the question is not very specific. There are not many kits from Eduard in 1/32, so I guess you ask about decals for the Me BF-109 E.
I have an older boxing called 'Bf 109E over the Balkan Peninsula' which includes decals made by Eduard in the Czech Republic, definitely not by Cartograph. A new boxing has Eduard decals as well included.
I have not used these decals, but others printed by Eduard for their 1/48 SSW. They were very fragile, thin and brittle and very hard to adjust on the plane, without destroying them. Where I got them on properly, they looked very good, but to work with them was a pain.

Cheers Rob

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1 hour ago, recon said:

They just came out with P-51 decals. Sorry for not being more specific.

No problem Mike, the new P-51 decals are printed by Eduard too. Can't say anything about the quality, but I think Eduard wrote something about their new decals in the downloadable 'Info Eduard'. They even claimed, it is possible to remove the carrier film, if I remember it right.

Cheers Rob 

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15 hours ago, Martinnfb said:

skip to 06:00

Indeed, very interesting, is there a way to find out wich are the new and which are the old Eduard decals?

Cheers Rob

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