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Vegas convention 2021


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On 8/19/2021 at 7:58 PM, harv said:

I'll find out tomorrow. Was the Norton Sound ported at Maggoo ?......harv

It was in Port Hueneme at the Seabees base but it was used for NAS Point Mugu. 
it was used For Polaris, Polaris  II, tomahawk, regulus, and a few others. 

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I'm glad everyone enjoyed the pics. My thoughts on the convention; the club that put it on and sponsored it, hats off. You did a great job. The show was fantastic with more models than I've seen befor. I heard they broke a record. I was a bit disappointed in the vendors room. No real big names there. I did reconnect with Mike Valdez from Sierra Hotel resin. Been a few years since we last talked. Great guy. Meet a new friend, one of Danny's coharts. Now my big grip. Rio Hotel. It ducked. Rooms were old., no microwave.  Just not great. Housekeeping didn't clean the room one day. No room service. And Bev is on the phone right now with them about a $180 charge on our bank card we didn't use. Also, I dint spend a cent while we were there. Mike was the only one I knew there so that was a disappointment. Ok, I'm done now. I am looking forward to Omaha next year. I hope a bunch of us can get together.....harv

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