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I contacted Jetmad late yesterday and just received their reply Sunday morning, inquiring approximately when I would receive my kit Order #10890. Jetmad is still working on the first run of kits, with my confirmed second run kit order expecting to start production in November and mine shipping in January 2022. Just nice to know about when I should expect my kit.

Excellent customer service in responding to my email so quickly over the weekend.

Keep 'em comin



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I have Vigge s inbound somewhere.  My last communication with JetMads was 6 weeks ago and they told me mine should go out the last week of October. 
Well, here we are and still no shipping notification, so hopefully next week?  
It’s maddening because everyone else is getting theirs. 

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Received this email from Jetmad and nice they are keeping us informed.



You are receiving this email as an intoduction to a series of montlhy updates regarding the second edition of our 1:32 JA37 Viggen project. It is our policy and now a general practice to send all participants of a particular project monthly updates at the end of each month, aiming to give information on how the project is progressing.


We have quite a number of newcoming modelers as well as the re-visiting ones, therefore we would like to take the opportunity to express once again the way we operate.


We are producing 500 kits of each release and all parts of the kits are being manufactured in a serial production approach, meaning any particular part is produced as 500 copies and then we move on to produce the next part’s batch of500. That means no kit is completed as a set until the last batch of 500 parts is produced, only after when we can start shipping.


We spend quite a lot of time to do things right, as much as we can. We pay special attention to details and accuracy, taking every opportunity in order to improve the kits we produce. This may cause some delays from time to time, but it is our philosophy not to rush as we find producing accurate and good kits to be our first objective, rather than creating / producing flawed kits. Yes, we set targets and a timeline for each project, but when we have to choose between time and a product we are satisified with, the latter is always the winner.


Please be hereby reminded once again that this second edition of the Viggen is an extra run we have been intensively requested upon. It will progress in parallel with the production of the 1:32 Learjet 35 C-21A/U-36 and the pre-production works of the 1:32 X-3 Stiletto, which may from time to time affect the Viggen’s production pace. We are currently shipping out the first edition copies of the Viggen, most of them gone now. Our production team is now working on the moulds of the second edition kits and we will start 3D printing of parts in November. The target date for start of shipments for this second edition is January 2022. Producing thousands of parts for 500 kits with too many people involved and maintaining multiple projects simultaneously is a dynamic process and delays may occur as we have experienced before, however our production team is familiar with everything about the Viggen and we expect to stay on track as much as we can, in a world where things out of our control sometimes may interfere.


In order to make a kit better you are always welcome to place any ideas, contribute with historical references or forward suggestions for improvements.

We wish to thank you for joining in this second edition of our 1:32 JA37 Viggen project.


Kind Regards,



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Received the latest email update yesterday. Great customer service keeping us informed to this level:


With regard to the second edition of our 1:32 JA37 Viggen project, we would like to inform you that we have started the production of the kit and we are currently 3D printing the nozzles, engine fan blades, intake ducts and the afterburner rings, later to be followed by detail blocks A, B, C, D and E, as well as the landing gear wells & doors, ladders and the tow bars.

Our production team is also busy making the moulds for resin parts and we are going to start casting some parts soon in December.

Kind Regards,



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