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Old Propeller Re-Stock


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Hello Chaps!


We've had a re-supply of Old Propeller decals and also some types which we've not stocked before!!   :beer:


Apart from the very popular Upper and Lower Lozenge decals (and the two combined), we have also got :


The Very Faded Interior Lozenge:




The pre-cut Wing Set for the WnW's Fokker D.VII:




The Pre-cut Fuselage Set for WnW's Fokker D.VII




All of them, great stuff !!






PS:-  Any Gotha or Bristol F.2b Fighter or Pfalz lovers out there ???  Yes?  Well, watch this space :)

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Great stuff Grant. This WW1 modelling, it's a sickness.


I think it was you who carried the contagion :)


I've not forsaken the other areas of modelling - it might look like it though !!  As products go, the new WW1 stuff coming to market is utterly outstanding ... Gaspatch, Old Propeller, Aviattic, Wingnut Wings, Master, Aber, MisterKit and so on, and so on..

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