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PZL P.11c - Polish Fighter - IBG - 1/32


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21 hours ago, Peterpools said:

Absolutely stellar and your work is simply meticulous.  Your oil experiment: a success and allowed for some unique weathering techniques and textures.

Aces on a wonderful build. 🏆


6 hours ago, Kaireckstadt said:

Copy Peter, Rob:

Absolutely stunning build of a unique bird. This one has museum quality!


5 hours ago, GazzaS said:

Definitely the most interesting build of this bird I've seen so far, Rob.  Great job!

Amigos, I'm getting red in the face, blushing with your kind appreciation :wub:. It's a kit which let you shine easily, as it's so well detailed and has so many different and well represented surfaces. It's an invitation to do something good with it. 

Cheers Rob

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3 hours ago, belugawhaleman said:

An outstanding finish to a truly spectacular build thread!. I really want to

build this model, but I don't think mine would be anything in comparison to yours.

Thanks a lot, you should give it a try, the kit itself is great and there are so many different ways, to give the plain colors an interesting aspect. My go was oils this time, an experiment, which I maybe try again on a 1/16 Chinese Tankette, I almost finished building a while ago. I saw your Tankette build and that's what got me started.

Cheers Rob  

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