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Few pictures from the local contest.


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Thanks for those Martin, some real nice stuff there.

I like the stripped back car door Tiffie - having built that kit I appreciate how much work is needed to get it looking that pristine!

I also think Gunter would have a better view if he was facing the other way! 😁

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36 minutes ago, Martinnfb said:

Although the 1/32 scale wasn’t numerously as big as expected, the overall quality of the builds is quite high.  
I just stepped  out for quick lunch, will take more shots in a few. 



Everyone is trapped at home most of the time, what do you expect?

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Thanks for the comments guys. It was great show, Calgarians are great bunch and I’m feeling truly blessed that this show actually happened. We often talk about declining mojo, I believe social event such as this one can restore it right away. 





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