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New 1/9 MFH motorcycle kit.


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A Gotha stalled.

Tamiya Fat Boy stalled.

Make a wip?

I did the frame cuz I love them , I worked with the real thing in many various grades of condition , many times saving them from being hacked up.

Soldering was done with , GASP , an open flame butane torch.

Frame is jigged as we jigged the real thing (almost) stabilized and secured prior to the soldering.

This because watching Knuckle builds I noticed an issue with the rear brake cross-over tube not being parallel to the surrounding areas. Sure enough it is a small amount out of line. This causes other parts positioning to become compromised.


Soldering was easy after practise on runner bits. There is a series of events that occur and can be anticipated easily by the solderer. Once you have a handle on this series of events you can easily solder the work.




The metal is also real soft , easily distorted. Looking at the parts and re-packing them is enough to bend it a small amount. Te jig shows rods for alignment , a rear axle plate spacer , pins to hold , popsicle sticks to space the frame up , an alignment rod with a point to check the steering head alignment , etc , etc.

If the frame is out of whack , the whole bike will be out of whack and it will show!

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Once you understand the qualities of the metal its easy to work with , soft or not.

The soldering is cool , the sequence of events is slow enough for even the dimmest wit to follow. lol

Also the jigging is a good idea for the frame at least. I applied flux with a tiny paint brush and there is no errant solder  evident on the frame, it all got sucked into the joints.

Jigging also allowed a pre-heat of the entire frame , ensuring the joints were hot enough through the seperate soldering procedures.

I know you guys wanna see another pic...:



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