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Revell P-51D Mustang - 2nd time around


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Hi Kev


Just about finished sanding and polishing and then will be ready to prime. checking to see how I did. Nothing new at this stage to see or show. I've also been tinkering with a Tamiya 48th scale Tomcat, as I needed periodic breaks from the sandpaper and scribing work. Any luck, an update next week.Keep 'em comin


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Over the past few weeks, I’ve shied away from the Mustang, as I first needed to complete my Eduard decal tests and also realized I reached the stage of needing to devote 100% of my bench time to finishing the Mustangs primer prep. The few remaining parts that needed to be added prior to priming were taken care of and a valuable lesson learned: read and re-read the instructions, as I thought I could add a few parts just before priming and guess what; no, you can’t. So, a bit of backtracking was in order.

The radiator doors were added – fit was so-so. I also decided to not cut apart the gear doors and use the single, uncut part to protect the gear bay during painting and paint them separately later on.

Both the front wind screen and canopy are only tacked in place with Kristal Klear, so I can remove them 🤞 and clean up any fogging after painting if needed. Of course, in my rush, I managed to tack the front wind screen in as crooked as possible and I’ll correct that shortly.  

Primer of choice: MRP Light Gray Primer

Gloss Black Base: Tamiya LP1

I was pretty annoyed at myself as I found some very light sanding marks on the wings, requiring a thorough wet sanding and polishing with 600 through 6000. The wings looked good now and were ready for a new round of priming. 

I went very thin on the MRP Primer, as I’m going to be following up with the Gloss Black Base and wanted to keep the layers of paint down to a manageable level. The primer was air brushed on with an Iwata Revolution with a .5 tip helping to insure a nice wide spray pattern.

I was quite surprised that the scribing came out better then I thought and one area I need to concentrate on in the future is to keep the panel lines on the light side and not too deep. I could still play around with touching up a few panel lines that needed to be made more prominent but I’m done tempting fate. I found only one seam that needs a bit of filler and then it’s time for the gloss black base.

I’m still pondering the actual paint for the Mustang’s wings which in reality was an aluminum paint and really shouldn’t have anywhere the metallic finish as the fuselage. Pretty much have settled on:

Fuselage base color: AK 479 Aluminum

Wings: Alclad ALC 116 Semi Matte Aluminum.

I’m also puzzled as to why I see so many Mustangs with the ammo doors painted a different shade of aluminum – wouldn’t it be the same aluminum paint?

Keep ‘em comin









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5 hours ago, BlrwestSiR said:

Looks very nice there Peter.

I wonder if the ammo doors weren't painted which would explain their different shade. The wings were puttied which is why they got painted but I don't think the ammo doors were. 


Sounds very plausible.Keep up the good work ole Man.;)

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Thanks Dennis

Agreed, for me The Mustang was the class of the field, as she had it all: speed, maneuverability, firepower, incredible range, gorgeous look and the icing on the cake: mating her with the RR Merlin engine - the icing on the cake.

Making progress and getting ready to figure lout how to apply Tamiya's new Gloss Black Lacquer, as I've never used it before for a NMF base.

Keep 'em comin


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Thanks Mike

I'm there and no real issues. The black gloss base is also on. needs a bit TLC and then the NMF begins.

One issue I am having is Revell's plastic is very soft and seems to grab and magnify the slightest of sanding marks. Just extra prep work that we really shouldn't have to do.

Keep 'em comin


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