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Red Ball Lola Indy Winner


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Here is a 1/16 Lola first introduced in the early 1970's by Bandai. It is both a model and a toy. The kit was all plastic but also contained a battery box and motor to turn the rear wheels. To say it was a very crude and basic kit is an understatement. The battery box was where the cockpit now resides and the front suspension in kit for was no more than 7 pieces. The model of the motor was a one piece engine and transmission in two halves. Not including the intake injectors or exhaust tubes, the whole engine was around 9-10 parts in kit form. The rear suspension did not exist. Instead, the toy rear suspension was no more that 6 parts. 

I think every single part of the kit has been modified and several hundred others added from scratch or after-market. I removed the connection pins inside the nose so I can slip it over a scratch built front suspension and radiator. The bottom of it was extended so it will continue to the chassis. Side scoops were cut into the nose and added and the suspension openings were properly shaped. Other modifications were performed to the intake vent and internally. The engine cowling was changed to correct the shape of the top opening and the right side injector opening was reduced in size like the actual car on race day. The bottom tail was changed to add the aero fin as on the actual car. Blisters added and modified for the cam covers and the corrected roll bar openings. The left intake opening has been reshaped as well.

The entire front and rear chassis, cockpit, and over 80% of the engine were modified from scratch using brass, plastic, solder, aluminum, and other "stuff"



Stay tuned as there is much more to come..... including photos (smile).....


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Actually, I do very much.. (like scratch building). I cannot tell you the last time I made anything straight from the box (without modifications, after-market, or scratch building). Sometimes its small stuff, other times it can be most of the model. I find that depending on what your trying to build, the research behind the actual item, and the quality / details / variant of the model, too often there is always some modification needed.

With that said, I am at a loss to locate any other work in progress photos of this build. I completed the build several years ago, but have never showed it on this forum, until now. So, here are remainder of the WIP and completed 1966 Red Ball Transit Lola (winner) driven by  Sir Grahm Hill.









Tamiya, Model Master, and Vallejo paints. Estimated parts count = 878




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Thanks Peter, this one was a real challenge to convert from a toy to an authentic and accurate model. I've been looking for years and just acquired a book end kit for the Lola, a similar year Brabham. I hope to get this in the build sequence very soon.



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