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Here’s a story. 
two years ago I found a stray pit bull wondering in our neighbourhood , brought her home. She was in very alarming shape apparently neglected by her owner. I cleaned up the ear mites, washed her, cut her claws, gave her some deworming pills and after few days I took her to the City of Calgary animal shelter.  
Owner picked her up right after. Few months later I found out that she’s back at the shelter again, so I approached one of the bylaw guys to make a note of it. “ Some dogs are runners, you know”, was his answer. Well, she went with my pack to the forest and didn’t run anywhere, was my reaction. 
This week I decided to foster dogs for the local ARCS. The Covid crisis is over and people who adopted pups to fight the boredom are bringing them back as a huge wake up call to our society values. Anyway,  after filling all of the necessary paperwork I received a list of dogs in need of foster homes.  And there she was, gargoyle with a broken tail. 
She’s with us for now and hopefully , we will be able to find her a new home forever.






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Martin, that's a big fear isn't it? That all these first time dog owners have to go back to work and they have no idea what to do with their dogs. So they take the easy way out and hand them off to someone else.  Sigh.

Glad to see you can give her a happy home, if only temporary.


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She is a little rocket, super energetic, agile and fast. Typical pit full of love and happiness, very different in comparison with my two savages. Also she had recently babies, I wonder what was that story about. 

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