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1/16 Tamiya Kubelwagen


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Scale:     1/16

Brand:    Tamiya

Subject:  German Kubelwagen

Colors:    Tamiya, Vallejo, Testors MM, Pastels, Watercolor Pencils 

Other:    (Below)

- replaced kit figures with resin set sculpted by Jeffshius Minitures

- drive line is fully wired and plumbed.

- added P.E. for buckles, straps, Iron Crosses, etc.

- added decals for SS Panzer unit moving from south med. thorough Italy into Europe

- added resin tarps behind seat and on hood

- added weapons and extras in interior

- added lead foil straps to weapons, binoculars, etc.

- added dirt, mud, scrapes, and rust using all mediums 

- diorama created from foam, putty, yard "stuff", and model railroad scenic details

As always, your constructive comments are greatly welcome, and thanks for looking.

Sincerely, Ben










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Thanks Harv and Mike.

I completed it a little more than 1 year ago, but never posted it in the forum. I entered it in the IPMS regional contest in Columbus Ohio this spring and won in class and overall best of show German Military. I was very surprised at the results as they had some exceptional models there (IMHO), but I am not a judge. It was a very enjoyable build and  I would even say that this was the best fitting Tamiya kit I have ever assembled.

I'm still working on a British SAS Jeep counter part in 1:18 which I hope to post soon. Perhaps I could do a WIP of the jeep?

Thanks again for checking it out and your kind words. Next time I will try to do a better job with the bushes.


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Thanks everyone for the good words. It was something I wanted to do for many years. Finally all the parts came together along with some motivational building, and you see what I ended up with.

Thanks as well for expressing interest in my 1:18 SAS Jeeps on-going build. I will start a thread on it shortly. 

aSwFxuZm.jpg        yTYJP3Am.jpg


If this is my last update that you read, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Be smart and stay safe, love well, reduce the stress, and when possible.... model something.


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Fantastic work! I have taken to building all my armor models in 1/16 (or larger) just because of my aging eyes. Your figures are very nicely done & really bring the scene to life.

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