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Modelling News 2022 (Merged)


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The Shizuoka show finally happened this year. 

ZM showed off the Hs-129 with the big stonkin' cannon.



No release date yet but at least it's coming. 

They also had a mock up of some little known plane called an FW190. Haven't heard of that type before. :D


The F-4G in 1/48 looks to be ready soon. 


For other news, check out Hobby Dengeki.


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6 minutes ago, GusMac said:

Thanks for that Carl. That's a Henschel shaped hole in my wallet coming! 😄 

It'll be one for me too. I've been waiting for this variant since it was announced. 

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I am usually not one for building more than one model of a given aircraft type (except P-38s), but I have to admit that ZM 190 might get me to do it. The last one I built was the OLD Hase kit, and it sucks. Pretty sure the ZM one won't. Of course, that depends on whether I ever build another model at all.... 😐

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5 minutes ago, Bomber_County said:

May just be tempted to do another ZM F4………


The G is probably my favourite version of the F-4. I've got just about every conversion released for the Tamiya 1/32 kit in the stash and even tried doing my own at one point. I'll still build one in 1/42 but the ZM is a good reason to go smaller. 


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