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Dragon Panther A with Zimmerit


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5 hours ago, Bomber_County said:

Gaz looks amazing, what products are you using for the filters and washes?

Thank you, Phil.  It's just artist oils thinned with Abteilung 502 odorless thinner.  I saw the zimmerit filter technique on u-tube and what I had been missing on previous attempts was that it was a 2 step process.  On the first step you spread clear thinner over the area.  Then, before it dries you run your filter over the same area which causes a nice, even spread.

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3 hours ago, Martinnfb said:

Splendid progress, very consistent and true to scale patina. Me likey :)



Thank you!  Patina.  That's a word I've never attached to a model before.

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Hola Senors y Senoras

A few truly crappy pics to show you about my entire effort for the day.  These figures look somewhat wooden in their positioning.  I think the guy with the upside down rifle is the only one who looks somewhat relaxed.

First...   four Luftwaffe Field unit dudes...  heavily dressed.  Today's effort was mainly the slings for Binoculars, MP 40, and Kar 98k





Just a little gold color to show the work.  Lead foil might have been easier...   But this brass is what I've got.

I saw this dude on u-tube doing figures the other day.  He would attach the heads to screw heads with super glue and leave them there for painting.  So, thought I'd give it a go.  The helmets are set on blobs of blutack.  ...  the universal adhesive.



Here's a question for you:  Have you ever attached a part with blutack and left it that way?  I have on quite a few occasions. 

Back in the day when kit propellers would spin, you had a long pin to keep the propeller in place.  But lately all you get is a stub.  So often I use blutack to hold the propeller and spinner in place.  I reckon that makes the prop less less likely to break.


Anyway...   until next time!

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Today I crossed a new Frontier...


No...   Not listening to the famous Abbey Road album for the first time...

I did that years ago.

Today I painted the Zeltbahn pattern for the first time.


Now, I knew I had zero-chance of painting the rain stripes in scale.  So, I used a wash to simulate the effect.


Before that I sprayed all of the straps and belts Tamiya Brown.


The Machine-Gunner is the only one with black boots.   The other soldaten have the low brown boots with gaiters.


I wasn't really able to mimic the splinter pattern very well.  I failed at painting any sharp corners in scale.  I assumed that all of the services used the same gear.  I mean why make a different bread bag for every service, right?  But no!  I was wrong.  The Luftwaffe field troops had a Luftwaffe blue bread bag and sometimes even a blue covered canteen!  But I'm still going to try to offer some variation in color and tone.

Yesterday I had the sneaking suspicion that Dragon...   in an economical mood used the same faces twice.  Here they are partially painted.


You'll notice by the letter that the top set are not the same as the bottom set....   I mean, they are the same, though they are four separate pieces of plastic.


Rock on!


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38 minutes ago, Kaireckstadt said:

Great work on the uniforms and heads Gary!

Especially the camouflage on the uniforms looks awesome! 


33 minutes ago, AlanG said:

They look fantastic Gary. Way better than my efforts

Thank you, both!


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All the while building the LW infantry, it's been in my mind that I needed to do the crew.  Except for a battle scene, I don't like to have the crew closed away.  Because most tankers will tell you that the best place to be when the the tank is bouncing around is on the outside of it.  They don;t ride like Cadillacs, and are smelly and noisy inside.  So, I've done my best to give each member of the Panther crew a little breathing room.

One guy required some arm surgery to get into a useful pose.  The rest of them I either lopped bits off, or mixed and matched limbs and heads to get the poses I wanted.IMG_0542.thumb.JPG.75ea89fa7d9150310234003e7971bee2.JPG







The milliput arms are still drying, so will take some work to get them looking better.  I will also have to give at least three of the crew headphones.  Then there come uniform issues.

Originally I was going to make this a 4th Panzer Regiment and Luftwaffe Field troops in Italy.   But then I broadened the possibility to making everyone in the dio belong to the Hermann Göring Panzer division around Anzio time frame.


I've just realized that my tank commander is wearing an SS Schirmütze.  I don't have any 1/35 Luftwaffe Schirmütze,but have some in 1/32.  Or, I'll just have to try to paint it so that it looks Luftwaffe.

I've just realized that the radio operator looks very unhappy.  Poor guy.


Happy modelling!


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7 hours ago, BlrwestSiR said:

Gary, your figures look great. The one you've reworked to give him a more natural pose is something I've never gotten a handle on. 



Thank you, Carl.  I'm still learning figure stuff.  I hope to be as good as Jerry Rutman someday. 



I spent this morning wiring the guys for sound.  Added plastic parts for the headsets...    then joined them with brass straps.  Then wires for both headsets and throat mics.  Broke off a drill-bit inside one dude...  not happy about that.  I got some fab drill bits from the US...   better than any I have found so far in Australia.  They are carbide bits that mow through the plastic like nobody's business.  But the USPS ain't shipping to Australia.  Wonder when that will change.


Anyway...  a few pics.


I also changed a hand on the loader who sits in the escape hatch.


This guy is significantly smaller than anyone else in the crew.


This guy is part of the Hobby Boss grouping.  He would probably do well in a 1/32 dio.


Anyway...   Happy modelling!


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