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Finished:ICM A-26B Invader 1/48

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14 hours ago, DocRob said:

I'm a vinyl addict too, having some thousand albums, but not in my cave, where I rarely listen to music.

I am building mine back up my cave is about 500 sq.ft.;)

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Nice going and glad you didn't give up. I know it's after the fact but a tip that may come in useful the next round of doing a NMF.

Once my gloss black surface is prepared, I use either a .2 or .35 tip, working pressure around 12 psi and repeated light coats. The aluminum finish slowly builds up and self levels. I'm close to the model, maybe a bout 1-1.5 inches away, to minimize any chance of the Alclad starting to dry before reaching the model. Sometimes, a bit of retarder helps if the humidity is very low, especially in winter.

Looking so good

Keep 'em comin


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Peter I have always used a fine tip on the Badger Renegade never had this issue before but I almost remember the event went sliding the needle back in after cleaning out the black lacquer paint the other night.;)

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  • KevinM changed the title to Finished:ICM A-26B Invader 1/48

Calling this one done.I was going to do the wash but did not care for the results so backed-off I think it was the issues with the gun earlier making the surface slightly grainy.;)

A-26 002.JPG

A-26 003.JPG

A-26 004.JPG

A-26 005.JPG

A-26 006.JPG

A-26 007.JPG

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