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Wooden prop call! State your brand and colour please!


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Hi all,


Douglas Craner is the man behind many little wooden props. After seeing a review of his product I decided to place an order. A wooden prop for my Fokker E.III. I asked him if he did those too. Sure! What colour combination would you like? He sent me some pics of other props he made, which made it easier to choose. 1,5 weeks later a CD case, well packaged arrived.  A nice lacquered wooden prop including a PE hub. 


For my current Fokker DVII build I ordered another one. This time I ordered it without the lacquer and hub, since the HGW detail set I have includes this already, and because I want the two decals that go on the prop to go under the lacquer, instead of over. 


So what it comes down to is that you can have it anyway you like. Dark, light, fully done or add your own finish.


How good is Douglas getting at this??

If you put a needle through the middle of the prop and let it turn free, you can balance the prop horizontal. They are that even and well balanced. 


If you want yours, send Doug an e-mail:

Douglas Craner <dougcraner@hotmail.co.uk>


Here are some pics of the Prop Shop production line!












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Hi Nick,


Yes they are, but like I said, that's not the way I ordered mine. 

Douglas is very easy to talk to when it comes to your personal wishes / preferences.


Here's Doug's latest work. The Heine pusher prop for the Gotha. In the raw, before the shellac and varnish. 

Just look at the photo and then at the prop. Then at the photo again, and back at the prop  :D :


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Hi Guys,

And here's the prop progress on my own prop.

I worked it over with varnish. Polished it, varnished it, polished it. Just added the two Niendorf decals and working on the hub now. Needs one more part.

Then one more thin coat of varnish to close the decals in and one more polish. (No, the hub is not glued yet :)


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