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I mostly agree with that, folks, but it’s waaay over the line.

Please feel free to PM each other if you want to share it, but c’mon folks, that CAN’T stand. 

I’ve never deleted an entire thread In my life, but as an Administrator here, it’s my job to keep things civil. 
I can’t get inside certain world leaders minds, I have no ide what makes them tick, but I also know that we’re here to build models, discuss models, and support model companies.
Let’s keep it at that. 

I know most of you personally and consider y’all friends, and doing this pains me. 
Please don’t give me any more ulcers. 

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I’m reviewing it now. There are some good points that were made In this thread and it didn’t cross the line till the end. 

The policy at LSM is to allow members to chat and not delete threads. But we expect members to avoid personal attacks and toe the line politically. The last couple or few posts were quite “sporty”. 
Remember, we have members worldwide and what’s acceptable in one part of the world may be unacceptable somewhere else. 
As I said, I’m reviewing it and may very well restore it minus some of the “eyebrows up” parts. 
So please chill out for a bit and I’ll deal with it.
I’m trying to do this while working. 

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