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Well, im starting this thread so i can carry on where i left off before the dark days. Ill update with pics soon.


Tried mounting the engine, that things tighter than a nuns lady bits. I figured the easiest way to do it was to mount the engine and tail wheel. Button it up then pass the pit up through the wing cavity.


Ill be leaving the cowl off, it simply doesnt fit over the engine. 

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I suppose i can post a few pictures.
















Sorry about the poor image quality, the camera on my phone is starting to fail. For the important stuff ill use my DSLR but these kinda updates i just use my phone which is ok for now.

So this is where im up to. With medical issues at home and a new fitness regime its difficult to find time to model. Ill get there though.

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Holy Crap, an update!



I painted the wings. A few touch ups needed. But i need more masking tape first. The paint job should be finished next weekend. If i push i should get it done this week so ive got plenty of time to plan zombilicious.

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