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Is the Buy, Sell, Swap section only for Large Scale kits?

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I'm starting to liquidate some of my stash I know I will never get around to building with so many new large scale kits coming out or have come out since I bought these. Are we OK to post non-LSP items up here?  Couldn't find any rule book on the subject, so I thought I would just post up the question here. 

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Looking for the Hasegawa 1/48 F-15C.  Either kit #PT-49 07249  or P-10 07010.

I have this posted in the sell/buy section and no one has made me delete it yet..
Do you by chance have one in what you are going liquidate?


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Na, all my hair dryers are 1/32 and those will be the last I let go.  Unless someone wants to pay me that $777 a guy was asking on ebay for a 1/32 Tamiya Thunderbird.  :rofl:  What I'm looking to unload is things like 1/72 EC-135C, couple of 1/48 C-47 kits, 1/72 KC-135A that I swapped out with parts to build a K, older Testors H-43B huskie, UH1C Huey that's already started and a few more odds and ends kits.  Nothing really highly sought after.  I think my only large scale is a ZM-P51 I got a few years ago on one of the Christmas gift drawings on TOS.  I've built two Revell P-51's since and just cannot see myself building it.

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