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What generic Paint Masks would you like to see?

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I am trying to get a portfolio of generic paint masks together so far they include:

  1. Spitfire camo masks.
  2. Hurricane camo masks.
  3. RAF standard code letters/numbers 24" and 30".
  4. RAF none standard (straight edge with rounded corners) 24" and 30".
  5. RAF standard serials 8".
  6. Luftwaffe Standard codes 480mm and 600mm.
  7. Generic Canopy masks.
  8. Generic Wheel masks.
  9. D-Day stripe helpers.

There are a couple of others but I am producing these for someone so I haven't included them. These are/will be available in most scales, (certainly in 1/72,1/48,1/32 and 1/24) but it does depend on how well they sell. These are just for aircraft, but I do intend to do Armour and other genre related stuff.


There isn't much point in me just doing stuff for the sake of it, so any feed back about what you would like to see would be most helpful. The aircraft related stuff isn't so much of a problem but if you aircraft guys can tell me what you would like to see then even if you are only confirming my own thoughts that is good. For armour and the other genres though I could do with some input :help:

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That's a GOOD question...!


But difficult to answer

Hi PH-GEO, Yep that's why I'm asking :)


Shark mouth masks are too specific, I have done a shark mouth for the Spit Mk VIII but it took forever to get it right as It has to be spot on or it won't work.

I'm not sure what you mean by "Star n Bar helpers" but I do intend to have generic sets of national insignia. I won't mention it now but I do have a plan which may accommodate your need for shark mouths. It all depends on how the generic sets that I will have at Telford are received.


Definitly turret numbers and the like for armour, I have also thought about slogans and star in split circle? I have also thought about a generic set for digital camo but, certainly the Chinese armour that is painted with it is very specific.



Wheel masks would be very useful, all the above really. Gets too specific and custom after that.

Yes, I have been asked about wheel masks for armour, so I'll look at that. But, like the generic canopy masks, thinking outside the box sometimes comes up trumps :)


Thanks for the input guys, its very much appreciated :poppy:

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I have just cut  a set of the generic wheel masks so that I can photograph wheels with them on for the packaging, cool :)  They include both inner (the wheel) and outer (the tyre) masks. The inner mask is a doddle to align but the outer mask i a bit of a nightmare to get in the correct position. If I was to dispense with the outer mask element then I could include more sizes of masks within the set and do them cheaper. So the question is would you prefer to see both inner and outer masks included or, like me, would paint the wheel first, mask it, then paint the tyre? :huh: 

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