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Wingnut Wings SE.5a

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This is the Wingnut Wings SE.5a, built with quite a few scratchbuilt details, and some of the stuff included in the HGW super detail kit. I also used the Pheon corrected fin and rudder.


It's finished with Pheon decals representing the machine of Capt. J. H.Tudhope (40 Sqdn.).


I'm happy with it in terms of, with my current modelling experience, I don't think I could improve on it if I were to start again. There are things I'd like to improve on in terms of weathering and making the linen look more aged, but I don't have the confidence to try any more new techniques on a model like this.

Despite this being one of the very first kits produced by Wingnut Wings (and I think it's fair to say there were one or two isues with the instruction booklet and possibly the fin and rudder stitching details) it's by far the best kit I've ever built in over 35 years of modelling. The engieering and fit of the parts is uncanny. For example, the Lewis gun Foster mount fits on top of the upper wing, and the lower end of the curved sction of this part locates perfectly on the rear of the telescopic gun sight. for this to happen, I think I counted more than 15 separate parts that all had to align perfectly during various stages of assembly. They all did.
























I entered it in the IPMS Huddersfield show in February, and got first prize in 1:32 aircraft:




As a postscript - this is a special model for me. The first model my Dad and I built together was a 1:72 Revell SE.5a (when I was about 4 or 5 years old). This Wingnut Wings SE.5a was the last model I completed before my Dad passed away last month - just after the Huddersfield show. He loved it when I showed the winners trophy to him in hospital. I dedicate this model to my Dad - thanks for teaching me the importance of attention to detail, not just for modelling...

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Your post reminds me of the great times I had building model ships with my dad. What a great way to remember him. Such an awesome build turned out so well! From a technical standpoint, I don't know that I've ever seen someone get the wing alignment (as seen in the 6th picture) as symmetrical and perfect as you have. VERY well done! As I said on SPAR, I hope that my attempt at this looks a fraction as good as this one!


Do you have any plans for future WNW builds?

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Garth, that is sickeningly superb. I hope you'll do something for the Great War GB this year. I'd love to see you take part for the chance of one of our prizes.


We need to start a photography topic too so you can tell us how you got these amazing visuals.

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Thanks for the positive comments guys. I really appreciate them. There was a build thread on the SP&R forum; I'll try to post some WIP pictures and comments here when I get chance. The woodgrain was the worst part for me - trial and error especially waiting for the oil paint to dry (and knowing when it was really dry!).


Mike - the wing alignment was automatic. The kit is so good that the result you see in the pictures is pretty much the only way it can fit. As I said in the original post, the engineering of this kit is unbelievably good. Do I have any plans for future WnW builds? Not at the moment, I have a stash of kits to build aready. One day I will build another WnW kit, perhaps with a more interesting colour scheme. Having said that, if WnW made something inter-war like perhaps a Hawker Fury or Hawker Hart, I'd probably buy one straight away!


James, thanks again for the comments! TBH I doubt I'll be able to take part in a group build, firstly becasue I don't have a model (and as I said I've got loads of other stuff in the stash including an 1:48 F-22 and a 1:32 Sea Venom ;) ), and secondly becasue of lack of time what with a young family and everything. If there's a group build relevant to anything I've already got I'll be there!


Thanks again everyone!


ETA - James - the photography is very simple. Wait for an overcast day. Get some A1 light grey paper, and go outside and drape it over a table/wall to form a horizontal and vertical background with a radius between the two so that it form a seamless transition. Stand the model on it. Camera on tripod, 2 second self timer and just take some photos. That's it. My camera is a Panasonic FZ50 bridge camera (not even an SLR). I've tried indoor photography, but can never get the lighting right. Outside you can't really go wrong.

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Fantastic build. From pictures of others on the net, my own feeling is that attempting to over-weather actually makes these models look unreal & toy-like. Yours is just right. Will refer to it for guidance while I'm painting my own.

I too have fond memories of building an Se5 with my dad when I was a boy. 

Thanks for posting

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Beautiful build, so far I have only admired pictures of these and you have certainly done it justice. One day I will try a Wingnut Wings kit, the rigging looks a bit challenging to me but these kits are so good I will certainly take

one on.  I hope I get a result as good as yours. 

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