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Hawker Hurricane masks completed.

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Yesterday I finalised the Hurricane Camo masks :) I still have to do the graphics and write the instructions and take photos of the masks on a PCM Hurri and that need some work to get the tail empanage on (the kit isn't built so I'm just pinning them for the photos. I will get it built for Telford next year)


So I will have Camo masks for the Hurricane and Spitfire at Telford, in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32. These are/will be available in 1/144 and 1/24 scales as well but they don't seem to sell at all at Telford. If you do specifically want camo masks for these aircraft (at Telford) in these scales then let me know and I'll brig a set for you.


I'm also interested in what other Camo masks you are interested in.


Here's my Spit Mk V, vertually everything that you see on this (apart from the obvious stencil data) has been masked and painted :)



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Hi Dave,

Yep, I have been thinking about camo masks for the Lanc, I'll have to get hold of a 1/72 scale version and take a look. Its a long trial and error process so cutting lots and lots of masks in the larger scales is prohibitive. The Lanc should prove to be difficult though as there isn't any part of the camo that goes from the wing over the fuselage, so the compound curvature thing isn't so much an issue. I was going to do the typhoon, then the Mossie next but I might just do the Lanc first :)

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Hi Mal,


I do have the old Revell kits... The Typhoon has all the MDC sets and the Mossie has a few of the Paragon... Both will be rescribed... I am hoping to make them both projects for next year...

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OK Dave, I had planned on doing the Typhoon camo masks next as I plan on building my MDC Typhoon next year (I plan on building a hell of a lot next year!) so I'll do the Mossie after that, or at the same time :) and, as I said, I'll send you a set of each. You will need to keep me posted 'cos, with everything else that I hope to be doing I might forget :o

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