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Tamiya F-14 VF-2 Bounty Hunters

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The Tomcat is coming together nice and quick  Bill, your solution for the pitot tube is simple and effective, love it. I have also successfully used Future on non sticking decals, but have bought a bottle of Tamiya's decal adhesive softener, which I haven't tried yet. No decals on wooden sailing boats ;).

Cheers Rob

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One of the last seams to be filled. I think.


I had one area that I should have sanded prior to installing the intakes. I had to fashion a sanding tool out of Evergreen strip.



There are a few small panel lines that I missed while scribing. Once I take care of those, I'll need to do some final surface prep and off to the spray booth.

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Those screw holes on the bottom of the fuselage bother me. I cut some sheet plastic, and chucked it into a dremel bit.


I don't have a lathe, so I use what I have.


Glued in place, with some 0.060' (1.5 mm) rod to fill the hole.


A little sanding, and I've got this.


Thankfully, I only had to do three of them - it was pretty time consuming.

And some white...


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