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Jerry Crandall has passed away

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It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform you that Jerry Crandall, co founder of Eagle Editions which specialized in WW2 decals, resin upgrades, aircraft fine art, and Old West vine art and collectibles, has passed away.  To say that I am personally gutted would be an understatement.  I have considered Judy and Jerry both friends and kindred spirits, and this was most unexpected.

Jerry was relentless in his research of WW2 German paint schemes, which then resulted in world class decal,sheets.  Jerry also has curated several aircraft museums and lead the research for aircraft restoration projects  

Jerry and Judy were both passionate lovers of the American West, with Judy being an accomplished and acclaimed artist.
They were both passionate about large bore long range Buffalo gun competition, using the 1874 Sharps rifle, Highwall, Remington Rolling Block and similar, and could outshoot me even when still asleep.  

Judy will continue the business as best she can, and we’ll support her the best we can.

Jerry C. Crandall 04/01/1935 - 06/12/2022




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10 minutes ago, AlanG said:

Gutted. His work was outstanding

Unexpected. Jerry and Judy did so much more beyond what we see.  Research books on Luftwaffe paint, his artwork hangs in pretty much every single US military aircraft museum, and is one of the hop few on WW2 Luftwaffe schemes.

Judy does to the old American West what Jerry did to the Luftwaffe. Research and record.  Her artwork is truly brilliant. Plus, she can shoot the hair off a horsefly’s arse at 500 yards.

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