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Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf A - Dragon 6356 - 1/35


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I vowed not to start another project but……..Wildcat / Flammwagen & Panzer III L all in the booth, I needed to inhale cement fumes again. So here is a tiny project……and I mean tiny…….the Panzer I Ausf A from Dragon. This was another eBay find at very little money, not sure if they are even still available.
The hull in 1/35 is only 4” or 100mm or 10cm in length and yes magic tracks to contend with. These in themselves will need the Hubble telescope to assemble. For such a small AFV, the 420 parts count is sizeable, PE is included for grills etc.

Carrying on with my North African theme I’m going to depict this Ausf A as delivered in May 1941 to Tripoli for Panzer Regiment 5. Another reason to model this is, that you rarely see Panzer I or II’s built up, well I haven’t. So maximum optical equipment turned up to 11 and here we go………


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