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A New Arrow WolfPack - WnW's Fokker D.VII WolfPack II


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Hi chaps,


Well I've put together a new, better and bigger Arrow WolfPack for Wingnut Wings' Fokker D.VII ... as you will see, it includes all you'll need to build this incredible model from arguably the best manufacturer out there today!


This is a VERY limited offer (stock wise) so if you're thinking about it .. don't take too long. :)




Keep looking, there are more Arrow WolfPacks on their way soon.





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Hey Grant


That's good news - can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve!


Do you plan on anything for the same Fokker again btw?


Indeed Sir, I'm about to order in some more goodies (some have arrived already -  others yet to come!)

The Fokker D.VII is definitely on the list but may take a little longer :)

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