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1:35 "707 Forte" Decal Sheet - Grupo de Cavalaria 1 “Dragões de Angola” 1961-1974


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707 Forte


Grupo de Cavalaria 1

“Dragões de Angola”




707 Forte is a name well know manufacture in Portugal, run by a single person, a very good Portuguese modeler, that you can check his facebook page here.

The mainly products are decals, with some resin conversions, all to Portuguese Army.

This release was one the best one, for me, because I really like the subject.

So I decided to get one.

The decal arrived and it’s a simple zip lock bag with the tag label identifying the product.


Opening, a single sheet in given in continuous film so careful and patience is need to trim the decal.


The registration is very good, with a white solid on the letters.

The color has a very good pigmentation and saturation with a very good dragon head delimitation.



There’s no instructions at all, as they are given in video, directly for the producer on 707 Forte facebook page, link that in the end of this review.

You can make, at least, five different models with this small sheet.

So, you get five Dragon heads.

The Dragon head looking right are the EBR turret (eight wheels).



The Dragon head looking for the left side, are for the Panhard ETT (there`s a resin model in 1:35 for a Portuguese Manufacture – NP Modelismo: modelismonp@gmail.com).



The word “Dragões” are to put below the dragon head.

The symbol of “Grupo Cavalaria 1” with “Dragões” below are for the Panhard AML 60




And the one without the words, only with the sabres and RMA (Região Militar de Angola), that was used latter EBR e others vehicles.

The word “dragões” in straight line were used um the windshield of the Unimog404 and in Jeep Wills CJ3b e CJ5.





*All the pictures of the vehicles are printscreen for the explanation video made y Pedro Grilo, te owner fo 707 Forte

Check it here:




707 Forte is a one man show with very limited releases but all the products are of very good quality.

It’s a simple zip log bag with a label and the decal sheet inside and frankly you don’t need much more to make a great model of “Dragões de Angola”. However a simple diagram where to put the decal would be nice but nothing you can`t get from the explanation video.

For the price, you got a small sheet, with very good registration, to make several vehicles (EBR, ETT, Unimog, Jeep Willes and Panhard ML60) from Regime de Cavalaria n.º 1 that operated in Angola during the Ultramar War “Guerra do Ultramar”, that will stand out in your collection or in a local model show that for sure.

 So it`s a very good value for you money!!

So, indulged yourself and get a 707 Forte decal sheet!



My thanks to my bank account for the review sample.

Francisco Guedes

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