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Need some Testor's #1717 GSB


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I'm sure you guys know I use quite a lot of this color paint. I didn't know it had been discontinued until I looked around to buy some more. SHAME on Testor's!!! LOL Now, if any of you might have a bottle or two you'd sell me I'd be very grateful! Send me a PM if you can help. (Yes, I've tried their Acrylic and it doesn't match). Thanks in advance.


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39 minutes ago, ScottsGT said:

Sorry John, can’t help this time.   Sounds like it’s time to make the lacquer switch over?

Thanks anyway Scott. I'm trying out several different GSB's (AK, Testor's Acryl, Humbrol enamel, Colourcoats enamel) and hope one will fill the bill. We'll see but I sure wish I could score a couple of bottles of the good ol' Testors 1717 enamel. :)

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