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1:32 Fokker Eindecker seatbelts

James H

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1:32 Fokker Eindecker seatbelts

Catalogue # See article for price and code
Available from HGW




The last Fokker Eindecker kits from WNW were always going to end with us seeing a number of upgrade sets hit the market. Whilst we are about to1 see the new resin Taurus engines for these new kits, HGW have got the ball rolling with some initial micro-fibre seatbelt sets for those of us who don't like the photo etch ones that are supplied in the kit. Today we look at seatbelts for both the Fokker E.I and Fokker E.IV kits.




It's true. Not everyone likes photo etch seatbelts. They do take some practice to make them look natural when they drape, and of course, you need to paint them. Wouldn't it be great if we could add real textile belts in miniature? Well, that's exactly what we are doing here with these latest micro-fibre textile belts from HGW.

  • 132536, Fokker E.I, 229 Kč
  • 132537, Fokker E.IV, 229 Kč

Whilst we have two sets here, both are nigh on identical, except for the colour of the belt fabric itself. Of course, this can be an important factor. I'm currently building the E.IV, and I know from the manual that there are two colour options for the belts, so the first thing I'll say is 'check your references'. If you can't find any specific reference for your machine, which is more than likely to be the case after almost 100 years, then go with the HGW flow.




Each seatbelt set is packaged into a narrow, but very rigid and attractive letterbox-style wallet, and contains a single piece of colour-printed and laser cut micro-fibre textile sheet, and a single photo etch fret, produced by Eduard.




I have to admit to being a fan of HGW seatbelts for a while now, so when they turned to laser cutting them out, whilst making the printing even more lifelike, it is pretty much a no-brainer for this modeller. The micro-fibre sheet contains NINE parts, authentically printed and with laser-cut stitching too. This is quite difficult to see until you apply a wash, but then, all detail just pops right out. All parts are secured to the sheet by means of narrow tags, and the laser cutting process produces a unique effect too. The localized heating of the sheet whilst cutting, tinges the ink a little at the edges, creating a subtle weathered, shading effect which I really do like.

There are TEN parts on the small photo etch fret. These of course are the buckles, clasps and anchoring points for the belts. You do not need to thread the belts in a conventional manner, as they are non-adjustable, but instead, you look the textile parts around them in the manner shown on the construction diagram insert in the back of the packet. The drawings themselves look easy to follow, and they give a supporting written section which explains construction and also weathering.




When the individual parts have been removed from the textile sheet, you need to remove a paper backing. With all parts removed, scrunch them up and make them pliable. Next step is to straighten them out and assemble them, complete with the metal parts. You should now find that the belt set actually will drape quite realistically on the pilot seat. I use CA for construction overall.

The next step is to apply gloss varnish, then you may apply a wash with oils, or other product such as those from AK Interactive. When dry, flatten the finish and perhaps add a little dry-brushing. Overall, the quality of both textile and PE parts is superb.




These sets are designed as a direct replacement for the kit PE belt set, and perhaps might be a little easier for the modeller to make them look more naturel than the metal WNW parts. Assembly is easy, and these really do look exceptional when assembled. I've used a few myself over the last couple of years, and I really can't praise them highly enough. Go on, treat your WNW kit. It's worth it!


Very highly recommended


James H


Our sincere thanks to HGW for the review sets used here. To purchase directly, click THIS link.



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