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MC.202 „Folgore” 1:48 HASEGAWA


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I decided to improve my mood after painting smoke clouds with masks on MC.205 "Veltro". So I rummaged out of the closet the model MC.202 "Fogore" in 1:48 also from Hasegawa. A model known for years, it will also immediately workshop. From the extras it is only the pilot's belts from EDUARD.





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Italian aircraft have always appealed to me, especially their camouflages. I'm also quietly working on a G.50 in 32, but you'll have to be patient before I post a report on its construction on the forums.

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It took a while but the painting is finished. I know the smoke clouds came out a bit too big but I think I have a way to paint them. The next time I paint it like this I will test it. For now I need to see if I need to do any touch-ups etc.


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The camouflage is finished, although I am not satisfied with the result myself until the end. On the next Italian I will try another technique for painting the smoke clouds. So now it's time to put it on the chassis and apply the decals.



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