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Back to our regularly scheduled program….


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Back to building!  
I spent the past week or two of my free time (yea, hard to believe I’m retired and I have to look for free time) tackling a project that’s been on the books for over a year now.  Cool thing is, it’s modeling/man cave related.  Kind of why nothing has really been added to my Seaview thread in the group build. 
When we moved in and I was strategically placing my model and Diecast collection I was quite disappointed in the basement lighting.  I did find a wall switch that did nothing.  Stuck my head up in the dropped ceiling and found a wiring box with nothing connected but that switch.  
BINGO!  I’ll use that circuit to turn on the man cave!  
Last year I bought some cool looking “studio lights” off Amazon.  Has barn doors where I can control the lights.  One problem.  Wife hated them.  So I compromised and painted them white. Yea, this is when I burned out my old Monokote heat gun and wasted a lot of good model paint.


I know, looks like some kind of Star Wars robot. 
I installed one and hated it. Too much light blasting back in my eyes from the closed barn doors.  So now I have probably $150 invested in these things.  Switched over to recessed LED eyeballs.  These were for my Diecast displays since they are tall and narrow.  
I also hung the neon light from the ceiling to make room for the Seaview diorama when it’s done. 

Along with my Bud Light spinner on the circuit, here’s my display case lit up now.


And of course the Diecast collection. Well, part of them.  Gotta build another display for the garage.

That big green thing in the corner?  That’s a real studio light from our old studio 1 at USC before it was dismantled for the new chemistry labs.  That light has seen a few famous people that came through there in the 29 years I was there.  I converted it to an LED accent lamp.  Still need to find a good spot to hang it.  Probably it the garage somewhere.


Man, it feels great to finally get this one crossed off the list and back to model building.  

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1 hour ago, Martinnfb said:

This has to feel nice. Good for you Scott, the place looks spectacular . When is the inauguration party? :)


Every day is a party around this place!  Come on over, the beer is cold and the scotch is almost top shelf! 
Wait, now that I think about it, it was on the top shelf at the liquor store.

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