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Going to RIAT for first time


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I have had an "English Air Show" on my bucket list for a long time. It has been either Duxford Flying Legends or the Royal International Air Tattoo. This year Flying Legends were not confirmed when we were deciding the trip way back in 2022 and they were not at Duxford either. So RIAT it is this year, finally.

Coincidentally Flying Legends are on the same weekend but quite far away from RIAT. Maybe Flying Legends will happen a later date, perhaps.

We are heading for Scotland first and then to RIAT. Are there any experienced RIAT goers in this forum? Any tips for a first timer in a larger air show? We've been to a few air shows in Finland, so we have some experience. Ear and sun protection is a must. Raincoat probably. Since this my birthday trip, we decided to add some nice extras. Me and my wife will be hanging around in the Cotswold Club on Friday and on Flight Deck on Saturday.

If anyone is in the show, feel free to say hi. I'll be the one with a blue "F-35 for Finland" cap on :piliot: More identification details by PM ;)

Br, Jani

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take some water with you.

I have been there a few times always with bright sun just enjoy it there.

I have to go back once the most impressive things seen there was vulcan,B-52 ,B-2,F-117 all flying.



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